The Health and Social Consequences of the 2001 Foot and Mouth Epidemic in North Cumbria
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[Small business]

At the end of the day, this is talking about the aftermath of the Foot & Mouth I suppose and the ways in which that’s going to affect business throughout, not just this year but the years to come. People that would have walked the walking routes here, we’ve had some come every year, some every now and again, they’ve gone somewhere else this time round because of the Foot & Mouth. They may have quite enjoyed where they’ve been, they may want to go back this year, and come back when this is all forgotten about a bit more. I’m quite optimistic and hopeful in thinking that on the other hand, people will come back in their droves and they’ll be so excited to be able to walk the hills again because the country hadn’t been restricted generally.


It’s going to completely alter the face of the countryside and there just doesn’t seem to be anybody doing anything towards it. I work at a Tourist Information Centre and there are these regeneration people in posts now, in particular, in the tourism business, but none of them have even spoken to me and I find that quite strange really, when I’m just , I know I’m one of many, but [laugh] you know, in direct line with the public and what happened..

[Health and veterinary]

The trouble is, it might all come back because they haven’t done anything to stop . . . . you can’t go on like that, I mean it might be this year, it might be next year, it might be another thirty years. But yeh it will, I would think it will. It’s not is it coming back , it’s when it’s coming back.

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